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The PCB loader and unloader can accurately place and transport PCB boards during the SMT process. Goldland offers a wide range of PCB loader and unloader types with varying features to address your PCB assembly needs. Apart from the premium PCB magazine loader, included with your orders is a comprehensive technical and after-sale support service to fix any issues.


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  • ASM Siplace
  • Vitronics Soltec
  • Universal
  • TRI
  • Speedline-MPM
  • Assembleon Philips
  • Nordson
  • GKG
  • Hitachi
  • Fuji
  • DEK
  • Panasonic
  • Yamaha
  • JUKI
  • Samsung
  • SAKI
  • BTU

Can't Find What You’re Looking For?

With our mature supply chain, we can easily find the SMT parts and machines that meet your business requirements within two days. Goldland is capable of finding rare and discontinued products thanks to our capabilities. Contact our experts today!

Outstanding Products Make You Stand Out

Goldland guarantees functional and labor-efficient PCB loaders with the following qualities below.

User-friendly Touch Panel

Workers can easily manipulate or adjust the parameters of our PCB loaders through the touch panel that is easy to understand.

Easy to Use

The PCB loaders can be incorporated into your assembly floor without the hassle and minimum training requirements for your staff.

Automatic Loading

Through the unmanned loading of boards, our PCB loaders significantly reduce labor costs while increasing production speeds. 

Stable PCB Handling

With the precise placement of PCB boards during SMT assembly, you can minimize errors while boosting your business output efficiency.

Quality is in Everything We Do

Goldland incorporates a strict QC system with professional inspectors and technicians. The collective experience and knowledge of our staff guarantee superior PCB loader performance and service life. We can detect flaws or issues among our machines through incoming tests and inspections.

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