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The PCB conveyor we offer ensures the safe transmission of PCB boards during SMT assembly. Goldland has a rich selection of SMT conveyors thanks to partnership with reliable PCB conveyor manufacturers around the world. Our services ensure a PCB conveyor that fits your budget and is compatible with your SMT process.


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  • ASM Siplace
  • Vitronics Soltec
  • Universal
  • TRI
  • Speedline-MPM
  • Assembleon Philips
  • Nordson
  • GKG
  • Hitachi
  • Fuji
  • DEK
  • Panasonic
  • Yamaha
  • JUKI
  • Samsung
  • SAKI
  • BTU

Can't Find What You’re Looking For?

With our mature supply chain, we can easily find the SMT parts and machines that meet your business requirements within two days. Goldland is capable of finding rare and discontinued products thanks to our capabilities. Contact our experts today!

Outstanding Products Make You Stand Out

Goldland offers business-oriented PCB conveyor machines that have advantageous qualities.

Smooth Speed

The PCB conveyer’s speed is adjustable through the user-friendly device, allowing workers to set the appropriate speed during assembly.

Easy to Use

Easily add PCB conveyor to your PCB assembly line with the least possible training provided for your staff thanks to its usability.

Customizable Option

You can independently choose to include a manual detection station and pause function in your PCB conveyor.

Precise Adjustment of Width

The width of the PCB conveyor can be adjusted to suit the number and size of PCB boards you manufacture.

Quality is in Everything We Do

The strict quality control system we have involves highly trained inspectors and technicians who conduct complete incoming tests on PCB conveyors. We can guarantee every SMT machine that leaves our warehouse has the performance and service life that meet your expectations.

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